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We investigate how people and ecosystems shape our world. We combine tools from microbial genetics, chemistry, data science, remote sensing and modeling in our global research studies. Our mission is to increase science and solutions for the benefit of humanity, nature, and the economy.

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Scientific Discovery for People, Ecosystems & Planet

Research Team 2019 - 2020: yes we love rocks (not pictured, Dr. Maya Alamaz)


Climate change is an issue that affects, business, industry, people, ecosystems and the economy. It is pressing that we develop a more complete understanding of how the world can work to solve climate change through innovation and workforce development. We examine sources of greenhouse gases and how such sources can be mitigated. This includes driving innovations in carbon capture with farmers and ranchers, and examining the efficacy of policy solutions such as Cap and Trade. We also work with business, industry, policy makers and researchers to create new pathways of cooperation and unleash climate solutions.

Increasingly, the biogeochemical innovations that have allowed us to grow food, build businesses, develop industries and advance new technologies will need to be considered within the context of the long-term health and welfare of people, ecosystems and the economy.  We strive to advance basic biogeochemical science and apply it to a sustainable worldview, from molecular to global scales

Mathematical modeling allows us to scale information into global patterns, processes and predictions. We strive to examine globally-important questions and identify regional-scale differences in the environment with the aim of advancing science and advising policy decisions. 




Ben delivered a (remote) presentation to the conference of "Agriculture in a Changing World" held in Santiago, Chile. Ben's talk titled "California Agriculture and Climate Change: Impacts, Policy and Solutions" is available here


 July,  2019

Ben led an international study on the "global nitrogen challenge" -- solutions for improved fertilizer access, innovations in nitrogen efficiency -- co-benefits for food security, climate, human health and the 21st century economy. 


April,  2018

Our paper on global rock nitrogen, published in Science, has received considerable attention, for example here. This work was funded by the NSF (National Science Foundation), and we are so grateful for their support and the support of all US tax payers.

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