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Climate Change

Climate change presents perhaps the biggest threat to humans and the environment of our time.  Personal choice, institutional changes, and scientific innovation will help us to mitigate the impact of climate change.  We work to inform each level of this front by researching the connection between climate and diet, trends in the energy sector, and ecosystem management strategies that can contribute to carbon sequestration. 

Selected publications:

  • Houlton, B. Z., Marklein A. R.*, and Bai E.* Representation of nitrogen in climate change forecasts. Nature Climate Change (2015).

  • Huang, W.*, Houlton B. Z., Marklein A. R.*, Liu J., and Zhou G. Plant stoichiometric responses to elevated CO2 vary with nitrogen and phosphorus inputs: Evidence from a global-scale meta-analysis. Scientific Reports (2015). ***Biology Faculty of 1000 Selection***

  • Zaehle, S., Jones C. D., Houlton, B. Z., Lamarque J-F, and Robertson E. Nitrogen availability reduces CMIP5 projections of 21st century land carbon uptake. Journal of Climate(2014). 

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